Friday, April 28, 2017

This weekend... to Yorkshire, to speak to the Catholic students at the University of Hull...

Meanwhile, this afternoon (Friday) I am leading a tour around this Catholic cathedral...

Been reading this and finding it make a good point.

Lunched with a young friend who has been active with this group

Spent much of this week in the archives at this University, deep in research. It is a bit claustrophobic sifting through old papers in the archive-room  - though I am impressed w. the cataloging and the papers are in excellent order...and make fascinating reading. I am loving the whole project of working on this History. But one can  then take a breather, enjoy a walk around the lovely grounds, and then head for the Senior Common Room to work quietly amid 19th-century panelling and impressive portraits...or get some tea in the large Refectory crammed with chattering students in baseball caps and ripped jeans all tucking in to burgers and chips at 4.30pm.

...on on the first Sunday in May we'll be having a May Procession down along the Borough High Street at London Bridge with this church.

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