Thursday, April 20, 2017

DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY... coming up...the Feast instituted by St John Paul the Great...who is sort of our family patron saint. A pic of my husband with him is on the shelf beside me as I write this.   J.  was organiser of the big 1990 Congress for the Family here in Britain and went with other Family Congress leaders to meet St JP in Rome. St JP gave him a rosary for me - and J. asked him to sign a Bible  for us, which  despite some finger-wagging from Monsignori (you are not really meant to ask a Pope to do that, out of the blue) beloved John Paul signed with a firm hand. It is now among our most treasured possessions - and I used it for my theology studies.  J. points out that it is actually also, following St JP's canonisation, officially now  a Second Class Relic!

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