Saturday, March 04, 2017

Anonymous letters...

...including anonymous messages to this blog, are always the hallmark of cowardice and spite. If  anonymous correspondents wish to have their comments considered for publication, they must:

1. Apologise for having sent an anonymous message
2. Send something with their name attached.

Their messages might - no promises - then be published.


Tony Flavin said...

you tellem!

Tony Flavin said...

I hope you don't mind Joanna but I tweeted this

Malcolm said...

To be fair, there is a web conversion of using pseudonomymous "avatars" who are web person and may bear little relationship to the real people doing the posting. However I always post under my own name, except to a role-playing games site call Dragon's Foot where that would be considered not in the spirit.
But you do right to ignore nasty attacks from people who wont use their own name.