Friday, March 27, 2015

Pope Francis...

...on the Feast of the Annunciation, highlighted the importance of St John Paul's Evangelium Vitae, given to the world on this day in 1995. I recently studied this document  anew as part of some academic work, and recognised all over again its foresight, wisdom, and truth. And how he was denounced for it at the time - it was commonplace to sneer at him as a "Polish peasant" who was "trying to impose his morality" on everyone. Today, we can see how things have developed, with a horrible sense of doom hanging over Europe as families disintegrate and the normality of marriage and children gives way to a muddle ofshould-gay-parents-buy-babies-from-surrogate-mothers and similar debates.

The Church is today's great defender of human beings, human dignity, and the common good, in the face of a sense of self-destructiive moral relativism.   Through marriage and family life, human beings have always the hope of renewal and   "The Church as a mother never abandons the family, even when it is disheartened, wounded, and mortified in so many ways: it will always do everything tosee to cure and heal  it, to call it to conversion and to reconcile it to the Lord" (St Peter.s Wednesday)

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