Friday, March 20, 2015


...should the Pope have gone to confession in public? Lent last year...see here). Was it showing off? Or trying to give an authentic example to others, to get people to go to confession, to show there is nothing embarrassing about it?

The Pope is popular with the  media, but some people are disturbed by what they see as his displays of false humility.

It certainly got people thinking about confession, didn't it?


Patricius said...

".should the Pope have gone to confession in public?"

Only if he was prepared to wait his turn in the queue like everyone else!

Anthony said...

Yes it did and the Pope has been consistently vocal about the need for confession.

I believe this Pontiff has been disgracefully undermined by the Traddie Sanhedrin. No doubt they would have denounced the Lord himself for showing off, with all that distasteful consorting with the dregs and all those flashy miracles.

I am of a traditionalist disposition but the condescending subversion of the current papacy by those who should know a great deal better is a continuing shame.