Sunday, February 15, 2015

For those who relish conspiracy theories...

...this will be something of a blow. But it's important to read it all the same.

The vile Ratzinger-is-a-liar line has long been peddled by the posers of the there's-a-deep-dark-secret-about-Fatima-that-he's-kept-from-us  groupies, and it's now been extended.

Remember that line about Pope Paul VI being held as a prisoner in the Vatican basements and another man replacing him for public occasions? Popular among the they're-tunneling-under-your-house types in the 1970s. (I think the idea was that you could check by looking at his ears, or something).

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Malcolm said...

He's 87, and has a schoolmasterish, rather gentle personality. Also, he saw the last years of JPII's papacy, which were rather problematic. So the account of voluntary retirement is entirely plausible.

It does seem there is some real scandal at the top of the Vatican which hasn't come out, which Pope Benedict was aware of, and which he felt too weak to deal with. He said as much. Conspiracy theorists miss the real sensational story.