Sunday, September 28, 2014

Yes, I'd heard the gossip and knew the rumours... , I imagine, other Catholic journalists/writers/commentators...

And today's newspapers will be full of it all.

When a big story about emerges from the shadows, concerning sexual immorality and a clergyman, it's a cue for lots of smug and angry comment.

And people with an agenda get busy seeing how to use the story.

Cue for the rest of us to pray, a lot, for the Church, for all Bishops, for all priests.

A meanwhile the Church has a great Synod just a few days from now, tackling marriage and family issues. The timing seems so ghastly that it will probably turn out to be the reverse.

Pray for the Synod. Thank God for the many, many Bishops and priests who are faithful and steadfast, and who get rare thanks for their dedication.


Anonymous said...

A kind and honest post. Thank you.
God help him and all involved.

Rhiannon said...

We haven;t been told in what respect he had broken his vows, have we? Why is everyone assuming that his offence is against celibacy?

Joanna Bogle said...

Because there has been, as I indicated, a lot of material already written about it...and alas a lot more in today's press. Pray for him, the diocese, and for the Church in our country.

Malcolm said...

Pope Alexander VI held competitions for naked dancing girls in the Vatican, and was known for poisoning political opponents. But he also rather eccentrically pronounced against slavery, declared and defined as a dogma of the Church that black people have souls, and tried to prevent the exploitation of native peoples.

So we shouldn't be too quick to judge.