Friday, August 29, 2014

St Clare Media... the British branch of EWTN, the international Catholic TV network. A meeting today of the directing committee. Funds are coming in, there is no shortage of good ideas for features and projects, the whole thing is humming with creativity...but the harder thing is getting the message across that this is all available. It is tough persuading people to watch something specific when there is such a vast range of stuff on the internet, from all over the world, all the time, and all available on a mobile phone...some years back, when we were a TV channel among TV channels, it was easy to say "Try this one!"  but it's much messier now...

However, the EWTN news is general is good, and in America is superb - high viewing figures, and the whole EWTN project is embedded into the growing ventures of the Church in the USA... read about  Christ Cathedral in Orange, California: EWTN  will have a media centre there. And there is also an EWTN news studio and office in Washington with its own chapel, overlooking the Capitol...and at the headquarters in Alabama, new studios (badly needed - we were back-to-back in a crammed timetable when I was working there last Jan, huge pressure on workspace) and everything humming with  hard work and prayer.

The Church in America has a sense of hope and confidence now that is tangible.

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Peter said...

It would help if EWTN was part of the standard free view listing.

A lot of people don`t even know they have access to it in the UK because it needs to be specially set up on the menu and then the selection menu is left less practical.

Why doesn`t EWTN set this right?