Sunday, May 04, 2014

To the John Fisher School.... Purley, to talk to give a talk about St John Paul the Great and the canonisation. This is an excellent school, and one with which our family has strong associations. The boys all look smart in their blue blazers with the golden fish emblem, and the mood was welcoming, cheerful, and upbeat. The meeting was chaired by a pupil, who led prayers beforehand: it is moving to hear a strong chorus of boys voices saying the Lord's Prayer together. 

Hurrah for the excellent Mr Dan Cooper, who has been running this Faith Group for more years than anyone can remember, including himself, and it flourishes and flourishes.

So many young men from this school have served the Church as priests, and the service continues. The school chaplain, Father James Clark, is among them: he was at the meeting and I asked him to bless the rosaries etc that I had brought back from Rome.

The school grounds have great trees and stretches of green - it all looked grand on a May evening. The Headmaster was at the meeting: he is doing a superb job and it  was a privilege to be invited to speak at this school.

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Malcolm said...

The priests were withdrawn from my former school shortly after I left, in order to fill up the ranks of parish priests. It was a very shortsighted thing to do.