Saturday, March 29, 2014

Superb...Hurrah for Papa Francis...

...teaching by example. This is certainly the first time that a Pope has gone to confession before the world.

So no excuses for Catholics who don't go this Lent.

Among the more idiotic and silly things that I have heard in discussions on this topic over the years:    "I don't need to go...I don't commit sins."  "I can never think of any sins to tell" "I haven't been for years. I consider myself  to be a good person". 


Malcolm said...

People commonly say that.

It's easy to become unaware how petty your complaints and concerns sound to other people.

Malcolm said...

That comment was too brief.
I mean that people say "I don't commit sins" because they lack self-awareness. Typically manifested by being full of concerns and complaints about everything from their marriage to the council bin collection. Mostly others see this for what it is - just fussing. But they don't have that insight. So the faults aren't seen as faults, they are just a reasonable response to the appalling injustice of not having a bin emptied.