Saturday, March 01, 2014

A conversation...

...with a priest, some wise counsel, some practical projects to discuss. But in the course of the conversation, something which increasing occurs - the thoughtful assumption that we may, as Catholics, be facing tough times with the authorities in our country.  It's becoming more and more usual...something which only a short while ago would have seemed unlikely now seems horribly possible. To disagree, publicly and sincerely, with the Government's imposition of same-sex marriage, for instance, is certainly likely to cost you your job or any advancement in your career if you hold any sort of public office (magistrate, local government official, possibly even just teacher or school governor). And to discuss things like the need for heroism, a recognition of the spiritual strength needed for tough times, for all active Catholics, is not to be weird or fanatical, but just to be realistic. Gulp.

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting to follow your thoughts about the same-sex marriage debate in the UK, and how the passing of the legislation of affects Catholics (and other persons of faith) who disagree with it.

It would be also interesting for you to comment on the recent legislation in Uganda, Nigeria and India - from a faith perspective - as after all, these laws will affect greater numbers than the same-sex marriage laws in the UK.