Tuesday, April 23, 2013

John Paul the Great...

...some developments....read here

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Dorotheus said...

If a healing is found to be inexplicable, does this entail that there is no explanation other than divine intervention? Could it not be that we simply do not (yet) know what the explanation is? (Medical science, however advanced, does not know everything). And if it is divine intervention, how could one ever know it was at the behest of this or that dead person whom some want to regard as a saint? Could not God have acted on his own initative? How can we know?
It is high time the Catholic Church jettisoned its demand for so-called miracles as proof of saintliness. It is one of the many reasons why otherwise well-disposed people think of the Catholic faith as irrational bunkum, but no doubt many Catholics will revel in such bizarrerie.