Thursday, April 04, 2013


...driving through chilly but beautiful countryside.  A brief cheery stop-on-the-way visit to young relatives   -  hugs, news, chocolate eggs, cups of tea, a small great-nephew enchantingly playing, with deep breaths and dedicated care, some simple tunes on the piano, to Auntie's great delight.

Army reminiscences as we drove over Salisbury Plain.

Stonehenge in the dusk, isolated and tourist-free, stark and ancient and imponderable.  

Darkness and the steady hum of the car. Talking together, and remembering so many other trips, Easters, Christmasses.

Suburbia, and our own front door and organising the chilly house into a welcome. I'm tapping out this in the kitchen as the kettle boils.

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Anonymous said...

sounds a little like heaven to me

Welcome home!

Connie K