Monday, July 02, 2012

Off to St Pancras...

...Station in London, to catch the train to Luton. The vast majority of people at St Pancras are not doing anything of the kind - they are all heading for Lille or Brussels or Paris, via the Eurotunnel. So finding the ordinary local trains is quite difficult. One potters about bleating "Where is Platform B?" rather bleakly. And what was once the Ticket Hall - the name still carved into the brickwork - is now a v.v.grand dining-place with expensive breakfasts and important-looking waiters. I found Pl.B and had coffee and a bacon roll in a nice little cafe-bar, and arrived at Luton having read Ratzinger and De Lubac all the way (exams at the end of the month - Ecclesiology). St Margaret of Scotland primary school is a delightful and welcoming place and I was there to present prizes won in the ACW Schools RE Project - the 1st prizewinner a lovely girl whose parents had come along to enjoy the ceremony, an absolutely super family. Somehow, the whole day had a glow about it - the children trooping into the school hall, hands clasped ready for prayers, the sound of young voices chorusing together the beautiful words asking God's blessing on the day...the rousing sound when I called for three cheers for the prizewinners - and the absolutely terrific roar when I called for a final cheer for the school itself and its Patron, St Margaret! Every classroom had a traditional Epiphany Blessing (C+M+B) on its door, there were crucifixes and beautiful images of Our Lady etc, the Staff Room had a prayer corner with a big rosary and holy images...and the whole school exuded a sense of welcome and of being at the service of children and families.

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Love your blog! Keep up the good work of spreading the love, peace, and joy of knowing Jesus in His Church.

Maryella from the United States