Saturday, July 28, 2012

Exams, and...

...a mild panic when I arrived, as no one else was there. I was an hour early. The chap at the Cathedral was kind. I daresay he has met daft middle-aged ladies before. In due course other candidates arrived. Cups of tea. Into the examination-hall. Seats all marked with our names and numbers. Prayer. Distribution of papers. Then we began. Afterwards, much lively and pleasant chat - everyone briskly avoiding a post-mortem. Lovely chat with a lady, editor of a Catholic newsletter, who had opted for a Maryvale degree course after reading a feature on the subject sent to said newsletter by Auntie! Delightful. We hugged. The newsletter runs various competitions and I'm donating a copy of my book on JPII as a prize....lunch, now a tradition, with two fellow London-based students in my year group. Much talk. We've been 4 years together, working through Philosophy, Scripture, Ecclesiology, Mariology, Canon Law, and more...we shook hands and pledged to keep on keeping on. We meet again in Sept.

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