Saturday, June 30, 2012

A timely and beautiful book...

...Why Children Matter - and it's being sent out free to anyone that wants it, and you can get hold of a copy by linking here.... Wise, gentle, and full of hope and common sense, it's a book for today's parents, trying to raise children to be happy and good in a world where crude, ugly, violent and vicious alternatives surge into childhood hearts and minds all the time. The author is Johann Christoph Arnold and the book carries an Introduction by Cardinal Timothy Dolan. It's a delight to be ble to recommend this book, which comes from Plough Publishing, which has produced other excellent material over the years. There is a simplicity and joy about their work and message. They write with courage, taking a clear spiritual and moral approach which could get them lots of criticism today - indeed the author at one point describes being told to leave a school platform halfway through a morning assembly because he dared to mention God. This gives us all an extra reason for reading, and passing on to others, this delightful paperback, which incidentally is beautifully produced and a pleasure to handle.

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