Monday, June 04, 2012

...and today...

...a street party where we live. My task was to produce the Quiz. In response to requests, I reproduce it here. It's all just for fun: see if you can match the knowledge of our local residents - a multi-racial group, with children and adults, representing a heritage that includes Korea, India, Poland, and Italy among other places. We enjoyed a wonderful party with delicious food, spicy meat cooked on a barbeque, potato salads, Polish soup, chocolate cakes, scones,sandwiches, fruit punch, and more...and we sang Happy Birthday to the chap at number 25 who organised the event(his birthday was this weekend), raised three hearty cheers for Her Majesty, and had a tug-of-war and face-painting as well as the Quiz. We lined up by the Queen's picture and waved flags for a photograph, and feel we've made our own small contribution to the Jubilee. One of several thousand street-parties held across Britain this weekend. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUIZ For the DIAMOND JUBILEE of HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Max: 30 points. 1. What year was the Norman Conquest and what was the name of the Saxon king who got killed at the Battle of Hastings? (2 points) 2. Who was the next king after William the Conqueror? (1 point) 3. Which king had six wives? What were their names? (7 points) 4. Who was the Lord Chancellor of England who was executed at the Tower of London in 1535, saying “I die the King’s good servant, but God’s first”? (1 point) 5. Which king fought against Oliver Cromwell and lost? (1 point) 6. Who was king when the American colonies broke away to form the United States of America? (1 point) 7. What year was the Battle of Waterloo? (1 point) 8. What was the name of Queen Victoria’s husband (Christian name AND surname?) (2 points) 9. In 1901 King Edward VII became king (on the death of Queen Victoria). Who came after him? (1 point) 10. In July 1916 a terrible battle was fought which brought the highest number of casualties ever known in the history of the British Army. What was that battle? (1 point) 11. Which king abdicated in order to marry an American lady who had already divorced two husbands?(1 point) 12. What year was the Battle of Britain? (1 point) 13. Who was Prime Minister when Queen Elizabeth II first came to the throne? (1 point) 14. In 1979 Mrs Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister. Who was the Prime Minister before her? (1 point) 15. What is the name of the queen’s castle in the Scottish Highlands? And her house in Norfolk?(2 points) 16. Our coins carry the letters FD after the Queen’s name. Why? (1 point) 17. Where was the Queen crowned? (1 point) 18. What is the official address of the Prime Minister? (1 point) 19. What was the name of the first Pope ever to visit Britain? What is the name of the present Pope? (2 points) 20. What does a lady do on meeting the Queen? And a gentleman? (2 points)

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