Saturday, May 05, 2012

Well, was he, or was he not, "the great"?... here.


Marc said...

Thanks for this! Time will tell, of course. But certainly I have very little patience with those who would deny the appellation because this evil and that evil befell the Church during his reign, or because he couldn't read the secrets of every one of his contemporaries' and co-workers' souls.

amator Dei said...

One might ask, what does it matter? Once you know God - really know God - and that he alone is great and good, what we call human beings no longer signifies much.
What one can say about Pope John Paul is that he failed the biggest moral crisis to face the Catholic Church in his time as pope, because he did nothing about the abuse scandal. To say it was only an evil that "befell" the Church during his reign is a shameful excuse, as if it just happened out of the blue. John Paul presided over the system that let down the victims of abuse. Whatever his other qualities that is a terrible blot on his reputation.