Friday, May 04, 2012

A strange...

...and angry photocopied brochure arrives in the post, lots of small print and odd little drawings. It's produced by a lady in Scotland who is very angry indeed about things in the Church, and very much dislikes Auntie Joanna. The brochure opens with a big tirade partly aimed at me. But the poor lady who writes it dislikes a lot of other people too, and emphasises throughout that this is because she is a Catholic who is responsible for defending traditional and true Catholicism against people like...well...JB among others. It was kind of her to send me the brochure but I am not very clear what her aim was in doing so. In any case, I have read it, and have now returned it with good wishes and thanks.


Louise said...

But you know why it was sent to you, there was a slip explaining why.

Anonymous said...

(Last message might have been too long! )

Most Catholic woman are not angry about the patriarchal Church, just patiently waiting for the action of the Holy Spirit, which will surely come! It's not long ago that prospective women students wanting to study medicine were stoned by those who believed it would be deeply and intrinsically foreign to woman's nature as created by God!
By the way, you yourself were fuming and livid during the Jon Snow interview. I worried that it might disadvantage the Catholic viewpoint, especially given Jon Snow's anti-Catholicism and the Christian Aid lady's calm dignity. Sometimes, passionately held belief leads people to show anger.
Thanks for this blog. Keep up the good work. I may not agree with you on everything but I really love the blog!
Felicity Brown
Do you not need an email address? Happy to give it as long as it doesn't appear in public, for obvious reasons.

Pearl of Tyburn said...

There are times when people are determined to go on rants, even if it makes them sound rather childish. As you have demonstrated, the best thing to do is act gracefully with them, and hopefully they'll run out of steam and depart peacefully.

By the way, was the Scottish lady in question a far-right traditionalist or a far-left liberal?