Saturday, May 14, 2011


...a nasty new slogan being foisted on us this summer - girls being encoouraged to be proud of being called "sluts", and urged to take part in noisy boisterous "slut walks". The idea, apparently, is to dress as provocatively as possible and to boast of having had innumerable sexual partners, parading with much noise and shouting together through city centres, bearing placards announcing with pride the status of being a "slut".

An elderly female journalist writes gloatingly about this in a national newspaper, saying that the walks will be "fun" and that it's all about affirming women's equality and celebrating liberation from years of having to be obsessed with cleanliness and housework.

Doesn't she know that already there are so many broken, unhappy young women, whose miserable initiation into a ferocious round of sexual activity began in their early teens, and whose sense of self-loathing is at the heart of all this? Turning the old insult of "slut" into a ghastly jokey jeering term that girls use about themselves has been one of the nastiest trends of the past few years, and among young people it's all regarded as sick.

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