Saturday, June 27, 2009

Do you share... concern about the Govt's new Equality Bill, now going through Parliament? Read here for more...

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Wayne Kerr said...

I have had an idea Auntie Joanna.
A while back the goverment wanted to ban "hoddies" the tracksuit tops young people wear with their baseball caps to scare people.
Why not have "Burka" week. Everyone could dress in black head gear and cover there faces ask not to be looked at and not require to remove it for the Police or Airport security.Think what madness this would cause.It,s a funny old world. Labour this present Goverment"are they nuts".I think they are. Direction on Faith in this Country should come from the Church of England with input from similar faiths like ours and others of Christian doctrine.
more and more a sad decline is happening and values are being abused.I live happy with Muslin neighbours but at this time we are a Christian country with our values.