Monday, June 22, 2009


You simply must be there!!!

The Evangelium event this year is Aug 7th-9th at a fabulous venue in a glorious part of England. Visit this link to find out more. Auntie will be there, so for all those people who write saying they'd like to meet...well, here's your chance!!

Look, last year's event was one of the best Catholic conferences I've attended - and that's saying a good deal. Don't miss this year's. Link up and book in. Don't worry about coming alone - you won't be. Turn up and join in.

4 comments: said...

Where do you find the time for all that you do?! It's hard to even stay caught up with you on your blogsite!
One day there's nothing new on your site and the next day----the site is filled with more that you have done in One day than I do all week AND you are even studing for a college degree!
I do hope you get to slow down soon--you deserve it!
*Viewed your summer Feast Days show on EWTN this past and enjoyed very much! You should do an hour of the show each time instead of just half hour*
Suzanne in South Carolina, USA

Jay said...

As soon as I see 'For Young Catholics (18 to 35)' I just switch off. I guess being 38, I'm not young anymore, then? All such events I see advertised always seem to be for the 18-35 group, and there is never anything for those outside that age group at the top end. I guess I'll just wait til I can join one of the groups for retired folk!

Joanna Bogle said...

Oh, don't be tiresome, Jay. Just book in and turn up. No one is going to check your age. You are a lot younger than me, and I'm going.

The 18-35 age guide is just that, a guide. It just means it isn't for schoolchildren and is aimed at adults of working age. It doesn't mean that anyone over 40 is barred.

Show some gumption and turn up. And introduce yourself to Jamie and me and we'll emjoy a drink. Mine's a g-and-t.


Anonymous said...

Jay - what Mrs Bogle said :-) I've glasses, blonde hair and a Scots (apparently Diane-from-Trainspotting-esque) accent, and I will have lots of jobs for folk to do :-)

If you feel self-conscious you could cover your tracks by bringing a bunch of Yoof from your parish or some such (cunning, eh?) Or make a pre-lapsation present for cousins about to go to university. Or, ...