Friday, May 15, 2009

Political scandals...

...dominating the news. And as I was thinking about all this while doing the housework, more literature plopped through the door for the Euro-elections. Bright snazzy leaflet from an extreme right-wing group, making popularist noises. But this group actually has sinister and nutty origins with conspiracy theories, racial rubbish, anti-Jewish ranting is horrible to see this sort of thing being able to gain ground in the present climate.

A lot depends now on the Tory party - as the Opposition, they are the only team that can show that Parliamentary democracy and our conventions and traditions can work...yes, yes, I know their own slate is dirty too, and those involved must go. But there is still scope for the formation of a team that presents a realistic alternative to the present Govt, which according to our traditions and conventions must resign and now.

We need a General Election before extremist groups can get themselves funded. Some wise Parliamentary work needs to happen next, to get the PM in a car to Buckingham Palace to admit to the Queen that his Govt has lost power and authority, and he's resigning.


simon peter said...

I have never asked people to vote in a particular way.However Joanna your reasons are correct.If we don,t vote Conservative this Country will be done for.
David Cameron has asked for a general election. A totally failed Gordon Brown (Non Elected) needs to resign and go to Springfield Mental Hospital for help.(Under his poor goverment there may not be room for him).
David Cameron took the lead yet again to day with his speach.I feel he is the only Leader left to help us. Reminds me of Mrs Thatcher who recovered our country for a lacking goverment.
Your Simom

Pauline Brent said...

Whatever party is returned to Parliament to form a Government, promises will be broken and sleaze will eventually bring them down. It is a recurrent political phenomenon. Wait and see.

Anonymous said...

If ever Britain needed Margaret Thatcher II it is now - it remains to be seen whether David Cameron is up to the task. As the great lady herslef said in the 1980s "Britain needs an iron lady."

Malcolm McLean said...

The danger is that people will vote BNP on the basis that "my enemies' enemy is my friend".

Secular culture always veers from laxity to severity and back again. In a lax period, as at present, it is easy to regard the morally rigorous as friends. Who doesn't want an end to gay pride marches and single mothers getting flats on benefits, together with the "multicultural" nonsense?

However if the return to rigour is not rooted in charity, it will simply turn into racism and intolerance, and we'll wish we were back in the noughties.