Friday, May 01, 2009

Every week...

...a Christian group concerned with, among other things, defending human rights, sends out a round-up of news. The latest included this worrying news. Pray for this courageous teacher, who appears to be enduring most unjust treatment.


Eagle2 said...

I think that the Christian community ought to come up with some guidelines about dealing with this issue, especially for officials. Here in Canada we've had a similar scenario with a teacher losing his job, because of his views on homosexuality. I know people will suffer for the sake of the Kingdom, but we don't want people to suffer needlessly. Children need good Christian teachers, and I think this is a case where we should try to be as mild as doves but as wise as serpents.

Malcolm McLean said...

My real worry is that liberal trendies are pushing the working class one step too far with this "gay rights" nonsense, and will get a nasty backlash in which all the good things about liberalism, like race equality, on which they are fundamentally right, will be abandoned.

However we must resist the idea that homosexuality is an immutable "orientation" which some people have, and which causes them either to live a homosexual lifestyle or be forever repressed. That simply doesn't match the facts. Nor does the idea that the behaviour is wholesome. The "loving, committed gay relationship" is something that is believed in only by Anglican vicars.

How to resist? I don't know the answer to that one, but it will be a lot easier if we can do it as a Catholic community rather than as individuals.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't surprise me. In the US the Congress is considering "hate speech" legislation that will end free speech. If Obama gets to pick more Supreme Court justices it is likely that they will gut the 1st amendment. We are not far behind the UK.
Fr. J

George said...

Oh this is really sickening! It's almost a set-up to create a witch hunt against anyone with a real sense of moral conviction and an understanding of right from wrong!

Homosexually disordered people are always moaning about others being intolerant and yet THEY are the MOST intolerant group on the face of the planet!!!!

How can they go on and on about heterosexuality being abnormal???

Hey, wake up people! Take a good hard look at nature and then PLEEEEASE... stop deluding yourselves! Heterosexuality IS the Natural Order of living things - it cannot possibly be 'homosex' because that doesn't create new life. You and I are alive on account of the fact that we have one natural mother and a natural father and we were brought up in a family unit. IVF of course and all its' gross misuses, is an instrument deigned to change and challenge this.

The 'gay agenda' as per their 1970's manifesto is bitterly opposed to any notion of family and indeed their aim is to destroy this most fundamental unit of a healthy society.

Expect more - lots more, of this idiocy over coming years. One day it will pass, meanwhile we must keep the courageous Mr Peat and others like him, in our prayers.