Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Traditional Catholic teaching...

... on marriage can be conveyed in new ways and has the power to inspire, especially if it's all seen in the fresh light of Pope John Paul's "Theology of the body". It is a privilege to be part of a team leading talks and discussions on this with young couples preparing for marriage in London. I was doing this on Tuesday with couples gathered at St Mary's Cadogan Street, Chelsea. Rain was lashing down, and it was rather exciting cycling there from Waterloo, across the river and round Parliament Square, up past Westminster Cathedral and on past the Royal Hospital (which is having a major rebuilding programme - giving our old soldiers good quality care, which they certainly deserve and have earned).

Earlier, I had had a gloriously long talkative lunch with a longstanding friend, C. - we first met years ago when I was editing the Roman Chronicle magazine, to which she contributed regular features. Over pizza and a series of cups of coffee, - and, in my case, a delicious piece of chocolate cake - we talked over a great many things ... gosh, what a gift friendship is! She also gave me a couple of religious medals - one shows Pope Benedict (of whom we are both huge fans) and the shrine of Our Lady at Altotting. Later, at Chelsea, the parish priest kindly blessed the medals for me and I am now wearing the Altotting one.

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