Friday, October 19, 2007


Joyous news!...a phone call brings the delightful message that niece-in-law F. has given birth to a baby girl! Welcome to baby Francesca! A joyful buzz of phone calls and family rejoicing...I have permission from the young parents to put this news on my blog. Is there any greater joy anywhere than that which comes with the arrival of a darling new baby into a family?


Jay said...

Yes, indeed, it is great joy, I experienced this kind of joy twice at the arrival of my beloved grandsons. They are very precious and great gift from God, not only to their parents but to me also. Love for grandchildren is different from love we have for our own children. Amazing.

rhapsody said...

Wonderful news - congratulations auntie:)

& may God bless you & your ever-growing family!

Brendan Allen said...

Shouldn't you re-name this blog "Great Auntie Joanna writes . . ."?

Virginia Phillips said...

I am so happy for you - it's lovely to hear the joy in your voice. Oh, what a great 'Auntie', and friend, you are!

I cannot believe I missed wishing you a good journey to EWTN, I'm so sorry. And you're there now - gosh, it's exciting!

So I will pray for you and hope it goes really well. And look forward to seeing you on my screen - any minute!

Take care, Joanna. Love to all you meet at EWTN and, if you can, to Mother Angelica.

Love, Virginia

Abbie said...

Yes, as a cloistered nun who has this year had the joy of not just one but two new baby nephews (not twins, they are cousins), I totally appreciate anew the joy of new life. God bless all babies and keep them in safe, loving, and faith-filled families!

Mary Pat said...

Prayers answered! Congratulations to F. and family.