Sunday, September 09, 2007

Malta Day held in London every year at Westminster Cathedral to mark the feast of Our Lady of Victories. There is a great procession through the streets of Westminster with the "bambina" statue of Our Lady, and a splendid Mass in the Cathedral - all preceded by a fair in the Cathedral Hall with Maltese foods and crafts on sale, and a band playing, and speeches from the Maltese High Commissioner. This year, an award-winning young author was among those invited to the niece-in-law Fiorella, whose latest book, Father William's Daughter was being launched that day as part of the celebrations. Her first book, The Cassandra Curse, won her an award - the impressive engraved plaque was on display at the bookstall - and this new one is also a very good read. It was all very exciting. You can order her book via the link I have given. F. was accompanied by her husband E and their enchanting little boy H.who has the most beautiful eyes and delicious smile, and was very happy indeed playing with the lovely curly red-and-white ribbons which had been decorating the door of the Cathedral Hall for the opening ceremony and were solemnly cut by the High Commissioner (they were then just tossed aside until rescued by Auntie Joanna for H - it seemed such a pity to waste them...) Fiorella's sister Cecilia was also there - she is a talented young musician whose beautiful playing of the harp is a joy.


Anonymous said...

i love visiting Malta...with the weather & lovely Churches..

Anonymous said...

What a great shot of Westminster Cathedral. Thanks for telling us about the Our Lady of Victory celebration. (Is there anything planned for Our Lady of Mercy, Sept. 24?) I wish I could get your books, and your niece's, here. They'd be fun for our book club which reads books by Catholic women authors.
Colorado, USA

fiorella said...

I don't know about Joanna, but I can dispatch books to the USA if necessary :-)