Wednesday, April 21, 2021

An on-line conference organised by a new group....

 ...Smart Catholics...and it was a privilege to take part. I was invited to speak on "Women and the Church".

This was my first experience of a large-scale on-line event organised through "Hopin".  Previously, I've used ZOOM etc.

The Smart Catholics team work with Catholic Voices and are very friendly,  efficient, upbeat and helpful.  We had a training session some days before the event.

There really is a strange illusion that  there is a genuine conference going on, and one is simply there "on screen" while a large audience is present in person, seated in rows at a conference etc.  Actually of course everyone is "attending" like me, by sitting at home with a computer.

The various talks have also been recorded and I think will be available as podcasts etc. This was a joint USA/UK event, and I was speaking at 3.15pm British time. I explained that the funeral of HRH Prince Philip was taking place and my husband was listening to it in an adjoining room.  I had asked him to let me know when the National Anthem was played so that I could stand up!  In the end this wasn't necessary, because my session conveniently ended shortly before the funeral reached that part of things.

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