Thursday, December 24, 2020

Perhaps because this Christmas feels so strange....

 ....and lacks the comfortable sameness of so Many wonderful family Christmases...the huge reality of the Incarnation hit me with tremendous force. God became one of us! God came to live among the human being he had created. God's love is what it is all about.

 I have always been taught this...but the familiarity of it, recited in the Creed, repeated, sung, discussed, emphasised, can make it just a formula.  It isn't.  The drama of the plan of God from the beginning, his  calling of Abraham, his choice of David...the temple planned by David and built by Solomon...the total fulfilment of it all in the birth, in David's city, in the fulness of time... of Christ.

The more you explore it all, the more it fits together, from Genesis through to the New Testament. All planned from the beginning. The Word that was spoken across the waters became flesh, and dwelt among us.

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