Friday, July 12, 2019

Because I loathe hot weather...

...I find new cheery ways to respond when people say "What a glorious day!" meaning a boiling, scorching  one. A beaming smile, and an enthusiastic  "Very hot and sunny!"  usually works well.  But with all the talk about global warming perhaps I won't have to continue with this deception, and we can all agree that very hot weather is horrid.


Stitcher said...

Oh my. I hate, despise, loathe hot and humid. Hate it. For some reason, I assumed the UK never got hot??

As I'm in the U.S. mid-Atlantic region we are stifling. 95 degrees (farenheit), 90% humidity which gives a heat index of 110. I HATE IT.


Anonymous said...

Joanna, I long for autumn don't you. autumn for me is the perfect season. A fine balance between good weather and the hint of the season turning. autumn for me I adore, the leaves falling on the ground.

The smell of the trees as they lose their leaves for another year. The sense that routine is back on track after the escapism of summer.

Schools going back for a new academic year. Kids in their new uniform. New friendships being made.

Feeling comfortable going out on a beautiful autumn day knowing that after 30 minutes walking in our local park I won't get sun burnt.

Feeling easy breathing, and not the sickening heat and high humidity which the summer always brings.

Being able to wear cosy jackets and gloves. Keeping warm and wrapping myself up, it is so much easy to warm up than to cool down. In the summer, even wearing a T-shirt brings no relief, as it is usually soaked in sweat after an hour.

Also, when I walk in the autumn, and you breath in the wonderful crisp air, you just feel your blood getting reinvigorated and life flows through your veins in a wonderful way.

Oh autumn, how I miss you now in July 2019. I look forward to the little signs of autumn slowly appearing around the late August Bank Holiday and once 1st September 2019 commences, I begin to celebrate.

Am I alone in this thinking Joanna?