Monday, April 01, 2019

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...the Association of Catholic Women...and come to the conference on THE GENDER AGENDA on Wednesday June 12th at St Mary Moorfield, London EC2.   Speakers include Kerri Christopher of the Humanum Institute.  More info:  or simply book a ticket:   £15 to ACW, Flat 2, Salamander Court, York Way, London N7 9LG. Ticket covers a buffet lunch.

This "gender" thing is becoming quite sinister. Recently a young soldier described to me the ghastly compulsory propaganda sessions to which they are subjected promoting the whole lesbian/homosexuality message and also the notion that the Army warmly accepts people who "identify" as the opposite sex and will go out of its way to make special provision for them. Meanwhile of course the Army itself is shrinking, and the decreasing number of soldiers feel that they are less and less part of something worthwhile and effective. And no, he wasn't doing an April Fool.

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Mike Walsh, MM said...

Progressives regard institutions -schools, the military, even the Church- as places where they may happily conduct mad experiments in social engineering.