Saturday, October 13, 2018

To Bexleyheath... Kent, for a morning assembly, tp present prizes gained by pupils at St Columba'sCatholic  Boys School in the 2018 Schools Bible Project.  One pupil has won a major prize and will come to the House of Lords in December to receive it from our Trustee Baroness Cox. Full list of schools that have gained main prizes addition, pupils at a number of schools across Britain gained runner-up prizes.

It was a pleasure to be at this school. The boys were smart in their uniforms, friendly and courteous to a visitor, and attentive to the Scripture reading and prayers led by their teacher. At the prayer "St Colmba. pray for us" they rather touchingly put their hands on their hearts as they echoed the response. Distributing the prizes  for the Bible Project is always enjoyable and maes all the work of organisation etc worthwhile...

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