Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Meanwhile in Ireland...

...what on earth do the organisers of the World Meeting of Families think they are doing by inviting  this priest to be among the speakers?

Ireland badly needs a large-hearted, open and joyful gathering to celebrate God's plan for love and life. For far too long in the last century,  there was more than a hint of Jansenism in the approach to married life and to sexual communion. It created a whole sort of myth about the true nature of the Church's message, that bore sour and poisonous fruit in more recent years, with this ghastly result in the referendum on abortion.  It's time for a fresh new approach...not stale rubbish from an American talking about lesbianism.

FOR GOODNESS' SAKE, IRELAND!  Wake up! Look to the truth and beauty of the Christian teaching - and give it a fair hearing with open hearts!

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