Thursday, March 29, 2018

Good Friday...

...and no blogging, so I am writing this before midnight, having returned from a beautiful and moving Maundy Mass at the Church of the Most Precious Blood at London Bridge.

On this holy night, the Last Supper of the Lord and the prayer of agony in Gethsemane...

A quick glance at my emails before the silence of tomorrow.  And at the start of this Triduum, mischief-makers can find nothing better to do than to spread an unfounded claim about the Pope's belief in Hell:  no evidence produced, just the assertions of a journalist who admits to having taken no notes when interviewing the Pontiff.  I am uncomfortably aware that there are too many people even within the Church who will gloatingly repeat anything that seems to undermine either the Pope or the basic beliefs of the Church. Are they aware that it is wrong to do that?

Tomorrow the Pope and every other Catholic will follow the Lord in prayer to Calvary.

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