Friday, January 05, 2018

...and what will....

...Auntie Joanna be doing in 2018? In response to enquiries, here's the info:

- working on the history of St Mary's University as Visiting Research Fellow
- editing FAITH magazine, a theological journal
- chairing the work of  CHRISTIAN PROJECTS, an ecumenical group running various projects for schools
- lecturing at Maryvale
- and, yes, relaxing a lot: enjoying countryside, relishing family and friends, and doing the sewing and embroidery that I very much enjoy...

January 2018 looks set to start on a good note: as well as Epiphany, with lovely carols, the traditional blessing of homes and chalking up of the date, etc etc,  there will be celebrations here to mark the 5th anniversary of the parish being placed in the care of the Ordinariate of OL of Walsingham.

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Marlene Z said...

Hi Joanne thank you for the update sure enjoy watching your feast and Seasons programs on EWTN but haven't seen many for a while oh how I wish you would make some new episodes God bless you from the USA