Monday, September 04, 2017




The Holy Days of Epiphany and the Ascension have been returned to us!!!

They are reinstated on their proper days, with effect from the First Sunday of Advent this year, 2017

Read here...and rejoice!


Joanna Bogle said...

If you are a sedevacntist then none of this applies to you anyway. But a return to the Church is always possible. Come to Westminster Cathedral - or any London Catholic church - one day and make your peace with God and the Church. And let Him give you back your joy.
Auntie J.

Malcolm said...

It does show that despite having a liberal Pope, things can still move in a conservative direction. I'd sympathy with the motives for moving the major feasts to Sundays, but it was too much like giving up. Now they're back, together with fish on Fridays. Just hope that people will attend. To get people to attend you need to keep up the traditions - if it's just a random point in the calendar that is a holy day of obligation then people will sigh and some of them will turn out, but others will find that it's difficult to fit in with their schedules and make an excuse. If you make it meaningful, they'll book a day's holiday instead.