Sunday, June 04, 2017

London Bridge...

...and I'm on my way to Mass  as usual.

A message from Fr Christopher:
The Church of the Most Precious Blood is within the police cordon area following the horrific events in the Borough last night. The usual 8.30am Mass this morning cannot take place in the Church and is therefore cancelled. There is a possibility that the 11am Mass can go ahead if the cordon is reduced. I will make a further announcement before 9am today.
Please do remember at Mass this morning the victims of last night’s atrocity, the dead, the injured and those traumatized by what they saw. Give thanks for the bravery and professionalism of the Police and security services who so quickly contained the incident.
Fr Christopher Pearson

and then:

Following the incident last night on London Bridge, MPB is within the cordoned-off  area. The 8.30 Mass has been cancelled; but the 11am will go ahead. If there is no access to the Church, it will take place in the School Hall. Please approach the school from  Marshalsea Rd or Southwark Bridge Rd.

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Tony Flavin said...

The twitter feed from Precious Blood today are just beautiful Joanna, Goodness in the face of sadness.

A good community.