Monday, May 15, 2017

A vile, sick internet troll...

...sent an anonymous Comment today, sneering at the Cavalry Memorial service that my husband attended yesterday with his regiment.  (see Blog post below).

Obviously I haven't published the Comment.

I think that some one who sneers at soldiers honouring their fallen comrades belongs to the lowest form of humanity, but I am making a public note of it to remind readers that such revolting specimens do exist.


Malcolm said...

The long period of freedom from major wars has allowed some people to detach from reality. A culture has grown up whereby it's chic to mock military values, wear a CND necklace, or a tie-dye T-shirt with the word "peace". The pacifist preens himself on a moral, cultural, and intellectual superiority to the armed forces. In fact tyrants don't tolerate this sort of yoof culture, and it is kept in existence and protected by the very army it protests about.

brendan said...

I'm always amused by the fact that these people use the rights and freedoms won for them by our armed forces to attack them.