Monday, January 16, 2017

Major renovations... Bogle Towers. Complete rebuilding of bathroom, heating system etc, requiring massive works... We are sort of camping has been uncomfortable but the work is progressing.

I spent part of last week in Scotland, editorial board for FAITH magazine. Stayed with the wonderful Sisters of the Gospel of Life in Glasgow.  Their work has hugely expanded over the years since their foundation, and they now have a great team of helpers, providing all sorts of things for needy families...they are involved with the Rachel's Vineyard retreats...and their convent life has its own pace and rhythm, starting very early...Holy Hour...then off to the Cathedral for Mass, collecting a couple of people along the way...

The Cathedral stands along the waterfront, a little gem among city slabs and concrete...glowing and warm inside, and very beautiful since its renovations, the Gothic pillars with delicate ribbons of blue and gold. In the sanctuary are statues of St Andrew and St Mungo.

The train ride to Edinburgh swept us through snowy countryside...a warm welcome on arrival, a good meeting.

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