Monday, November 14, 2016

Commentators... the USA and here in Britain  are still trying to analyse the American election.   Obviously there's a lot to discuss and a lot to ponder and digest.

But the one thing that shouldn't really puzzle anyone is the fact that a lot of women voted against Mrs Clinton.  Why is anyone surprised?  Poor Mrs C. had become a dedicated - almost fanatical - supporter of abortion.  And the reality is that, for most people, aborting a baby is a tragic thing, not to be seen as something healthy or good, much less as something that is a "right".  Even among those who would hesitate to link themselves with the ProLife lobby, there is a sense of sadness and better-not-to-do-this over the whole idea of aborting a child.   At one stage the USA's Democratic Party used a slogan about making abortion "safe, legal, and rare"...then it morphed into somehow celebrating abortion as something that every American woman deserved. And then they wonder why women said "Ugh"  and voted against it.

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grams ramblings said...

Yes, no surprise at all x