Monday, October 31, 2016

The Eve of All Saints...

...All Hallows Eve...

I spent it collecting crab-apples from the pavement outside a (rather odd!) empty house, its blank windows and peeling paint looking weird alongside all the cheerful homes in the busy suburban street...and then washing them carefully, and chopping them up, cutting away any mushy or bad bits, and turning them into crab-apple jam.  While chopping and stirring, I watched, on my computer, Hercule Poirot in a deep Hallowe'en murder mystery. Excellent ends w. Poirot noting that the real way to mark Hallowe'en is to look ahead to All Souls and to pray for the dead in a Christian way...all that spooky stuff has no control over us.

Tomorrow I shall be at Westminster Cathedral for Mass for All Saints' Day...and there  too and elsewhere on the next day, All Souls, I shall remember too all those I have loved and who have died, and will light candles and commit them to God.

Children who enjoy sweets and dressing-up and pumpkin lanterns on All Hallows Eve should be taught what All Hallows really means... and the lovely prayer in which we honour our loving God, with loving hearts:"Hallowed be thy name..."

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