Saturday, August 27, 2016

...and all next week...

...with a team of volunteers, I will be packing and posting prizes won by young people in the 2016 Schools Bible Project..   This is an ecumenical initiative, and the Project attracts entries from schools across Britain. The number of entries this year is larger than ever, posing quite a problem for our volunteers...but, as last year, we have been given the use of a large room in the parish centre of the local (excellent) Catholic parish, plus storage space for the book prizes etc, and we will work steadily every day until the work is done.

The main winners each year go to the Huse of Lords to receive their prizes (books, plus cash awards for their schools) from one of our Trustees, Baroness Cox. This is always a special and memorable day, and it is a great joy to meet the young people and their families and teachers.

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