Wednesday, February 10, 2016

...There is something about getting older...

...that gives you a longer perspective, a telescope to see much further. You can look further back, and it gives you insights into the way things work and the way time rolls on. 

Some day, probably in about 20 or 25 years from now, there will be people taking out lawsuits because they were given as children to enthusiastic homosexual campaigners as part of a massive drive to boost what is today called "gay adoption". They will want to know who they really are, and what unknown uncles and aunts and cousins they may have. They will want to know why they were obliged to be brought up in a lifestyle that they were never allowed to criticise and why anyone who expressed sympathy for them or challenged the absolute correctness of the "gay adoption" schemes were threatened with punishments.

Some day, probably in about ten years or so from now, some of the people who were born as a result of various forms of artificial insemination will be angry and want to know who they really are, whether they have brothers and sisters, whether any brothers and sisters were destroyed as embryos, and why.

Some day, probably a little further ahead, social commentators and historians will be asking why children were made to parrot nonsense about "gender fluidity" at school, and troubled children were given powerful hormone drugs while awaiting mutilation to "change their gender". There will be lawsuits there, too...

Today, we are appalled to view the advertisments for slaves, once commonly displayed in newspapers and at markets, listing for sale men and women, boys and girls, deemed to be just what might be needed for brutally hard work and no pay. We are disgusted to know that you could buy a postcard depicting a runaway slave being hanged. It all seemed politically correct at the time.

Back in the 1970s a group promoting paedophilia was affiliated to the National Council for Civil Liberties, Somehow, in those days, having sexual activity with children was seen as connected with freedom. Today, there is revulsion about it and the people who were then leadimg figures with the NCCL say they "regret" that  the paedophile lobby group was affiliated to their organisation. It's a start.

There will be a great need for mercy in future years: Christian love and mercy as people repent of things that they will say they honestly didn't fully understand at the time. The Year of Mercy is important, teaching us ways to admit wrongdoing and repent. It's going to be a message that a desperately unstable, angry, divided and broken nation will need. We must hope that we are allowed to grasp it: the strangehold of today's nasty ideas is supported by the legal structures of the sort that once upheld slavery, and by attitudes and official regulations banning  criticism of things deemed politically correct even if inhumane.

Kyrie eleison...

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Richard Havers-Strong. said...

Oh, how I agree with what you write!

One of the saddest things to me is the extraordinary speed with which our nation has already become so unstable, divided, broken and, above all, angry and aggressive. It is hard to see how the mess can be resolved at all quickly but we must try, with God's help. Unfortunately the present 'Political Class' appears to be incapable of comprehending that there is a problem let alone putting it right.