Friday, October 31, 2014


...reports that the current Secretary of State for Education, Mrs Morgan, now says that she wishes she had voted for same-sex "marriage". At the time she decided to vote against, but now she has evidently succumbed to pressure to fall into line with the politically official view.

And it's depressing because the Department of Education is at the centre of what happens next.  There is enormous pressure on schools to teach the ghastly official line, forcing teachers to pretend that marriage can be between two men or two women (at least, at present - they might decide it is to be 3, or more, in due course), thus turning Britain's schools into places of horrid propaganda, in a way that is not only cruel and unjust, but is also contrary to the whole idea of education and academic life.

It is not at all clear that poor Mrs Morgan will be able to stand up to this pressure:  she's already got stuck in the sticky mesh of assuming that children should be force-fed the same-sex-marriage line and it will take courage for her to haul herself out and look at things fairly. She needs to step back and pause.

Now, here's a fair deal: people that specifically want the same-sex-marriage message and its associated ideology for their children should get together and organise schools to teach it. If there are enough of them, they can in due course apply for funds from the general taxation, and there can be a debate about whether or not they are making a fair case. They are offering a new ideology, one that is contrary to all that we have ever known about marriage and the transmission of life: they cannot assume any right to impose this, and must work to build up a case for themselves.

Meanwhile, leave the rest of Britain's children out of the propaganda battle.

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Anonymous said...

But she did admit that she only voted against because that is what her constituents desired - duh isn't that what she is supposed to do - does she know what they want now?