Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nightmare... email address was hacked by thieves yesterday. So I spent this morning answering phone calls from friends and explaining, over and over and over and OVER again that no, I hadn't sent them an emergency message and, no, I didn't need help...

Horrible experience, and it has taken much of today to sort it out. It all happened while I was in Yorkshire, so the sorting-out had to be done - with difficulty - using my mobile phone on the train...then when I got Kings Cross, and searched in a panicky way for my ticket, the wallet flew out  and down into the gap between the train and the platform...quite bizarre...the railway team, were v..v. kind and a man was summoned who squeezed down into the gap and retrieved it. I've never hugged a railway official before: I think he was quite pleased.

Hurrying - a mistake, it was morning to take things slowly but surely - out from a bank a bit later, I slipped and fell. "Are you all right?" asked lots of kind people,  coming to my aid. "Not completely" I said "But I will be in a minute."  And they all helped me to my feet, and I was being offered a glass of water, opportunity to rest etc.

And now I'm at my computer, sorting out the hacking problem.

PLEASE don't telephone me or email me to say you have received an odd message and my email seems to have been hacked. I know. I am dealing with it.

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Anonymous said...

we so much appreciate your contribution to Catholic life, especially this weblog; grappling with new communications technology- is St Francis of Sales patron?