Thursday, February 07, 2013

Keep up to date...

...on the marriage issue: here

Cameron will have to go.

Meanwhile, the long hard slog starts,  through the committee and the Lords, to safeguard the rights of children in schools, of freedom of speech, and freedom for the Church.


Patricius said...

"Cameron will have to go"

I am sorry that, much as I should like to see Cameron punished by his party for this foul bill, it is wishful thinking and highly unlikely that he will be ditched solely on this account. Many people are saying things like "I'm never going to vote Tory again" but what alternative do they have? Will they vote for a Labour Party where there is even less resistance to this kind of nonsense? Perhaps some will vote for UKIP but most Conservatives will surely see that as a default vote for Labour. Perhaps we should wake up to the fact of our much vaunted democracy being a sham.

Joanna Bogle said...

Of course it won't just be this issue that sees Cameron's exit. These things accumalate, and in the end it will be a messy muddle. But he really does have to go.

Democracy is not a sham. It can work pretty well if there is a sense of civic virtue and a sufficiency of decency and Christian faith. These are all of course currently lacking. The real need is for an evangelical Catholicism lived and shared with love and joy and vigour. It is culture that drives history - and culture is shaped by faith ("cult"). Live the Faith, love it, teach it - be part of the New Evangelisation. This has been Auntie's decision, which is why she is essentially not involved with politics but with the Church and mission.

Anonymous said...

Of course Cameron will have to go eventually - all politicians do, don't they? But none of Cameron's potential successors right now, inside or outside his party, would pursue a different line with respect to same sex marriage. This is coming and we shall have make of it what we will. And anyone who thinks that Ed Milliband & co could not possibly be worse has a short memory and pays little attention to politics.