Friday, October 12, 2012

Is the Tory party is self-destruct mode?

...because at the moment it looks that way. Here we are in an immense economic mess, and with very considerable social  dfficulties (massive crime rate, large numbers of school-leavers unable to read and write properly, households where no one has any experience whatever of having worked and earned a wage, a birth-rate that is below replacement level) coupled with a desperately worrying international situation (tensions - to use a mild word - in the Middle East, our Army stuck in a mess in Afghanistan)...and the Conservative Party, at its annual conference, gets a Minister to stand at the podium and talk about same-sex marriage.


Sally H. said...

Joanna - I entirely agree with all the points you raised as being extremely significant & worrying - but this is what you said in your own blog!
" and write and tell David Cameron that this is the central issue of the moment. A country is based on families: attempting to redefine marriage is a project doomed to fester into social disintegration and to bring hardship, sorrow and social problems on a massive scale."
What are you saying? Gay marriage is a central issue if you disagree with it but not if you don't? You can't have it both ways!

Joanna Bogle said...

Dear Sally

You know perfectly well that this is the central issue: that trying to redefine marriage at a time when the country is facing serious social problems is both daft and dangerous. I think that actually you also agree with me. So let's stand together on this. We all know perfectly well that marriage is a union of a man and a woman, and that no law can change that, any more than it can change the fact that the earth is round, not flat. So Cameron's attempt to do so is doomed, and will only cause misery. Explaining this to him is neccessary and urgent.

love from Joanna

Sally said...

I most certainly do not agree with you.I think you are both misguided and obsessive. What I do agree with you about is that there are already many many very serious issues facing society today: you outlined them very well. Marriage and the nuclear family have already become less than the norm and two people publicly declaring their love and committment to each other is surely to be applauded at a time when many do not.

Malcolm said...

Sally - let's say you're a boat. Someone notices a bit of water under his seat, and starts drilling a hole to let the water out. For him, it's a minor issue, just tiding things up. And it doesn't really affect anyone not sitting in that seat.
For someone else, stopping him might be an obsession.

Manny said...

"two people publicly declaring their love and committment to each other" is not marriage. They can do that now. They don't need to be married. Marriage is more than that. Redefining it in a way contrary to nature is to undermine it and cause it to be trivial. The redefinition will be the rallying cry for all sorts of other cognative dissonance now made acceptable.