Friday, October 07, 2011

NO, Mr Cameron....

...No. You cannot achieve anything by seeking to redefine marriage by announcing that you can couple together two people of the same sex and announce that it's all about "commitment" and that such a relationship should therefore be given full marital status. If you think you can do that, why stop at just two? Has he thought this through at all?

The Prime Minister' pathetic attempt to redefine marriage is an embarrassing reminder of how tragic it is watching a society lose its hold on truth and reason.

The Church is a voice of sanity, and will be there to pick up the pieces of people's lives as the chaos continues. Archbishop Peter Smith has explained patiently that no amount of pretence can alter the reality of things:"Marriage by its very nature is between a man and a woman and it is the essential foundation of family life. The state should uphold this common understanding of marriage rather than attempting to change its meaning."


Anonymous said...

David Cameron thinks he can pander to the gay sector, thereby getting a million voters on his side in the next election.
What he doesn't realise is that these people are so selfish that they only think of themselves and will switch allegiance at the drop of a hat if he says anything unfriendly against them.
But in doing so, he has just lost probably over 5 million Catholic and Christian voters. As our American friends like to irritatingly say, "Go figure."


Caroline said...

Hi Joanna,

I could not find an email, so I hope you do not mind me sending this via your comments.

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Manny said...

We just went through this very debate in New York State. Here in the US, each state sort of sets their own laws on things like this. And what was really appalling was that the Governor who pushed same sex marriage through was a supposed Catholic, Andrew Cuomo. Get this about Andrew Cuomo. He's divorced, living unmarried with another woman, supports full abortion rights, and now pushed through same sex marriage. If there is a justification for ex-communication, then Andrew Cuomo should have met that standard. I hope you can stop it there. Your Archbishop is absolutely right. Two men or two women do not make a marriage.

Anonymous said...

Dear Auntie Joanna,
As YOU predicted,now that same-sex unions are being legalized in some states, others who want alternative arrangements are demanding to be heard. Independent fundamentalist Mormons have found a spokesman in Joe Darger who is promoting his book, Love Times Three. Joe has 3 wives in Utah (a felony) and 24 children. He wants polygamous marriage decriminalized.
Sheila A. Waters
Bronxville, NY