Saturday, December 18, 2010

Out in the snow...

...delivering leaflets giving the times of Christmas services at all the local churches of variouis denominations. The leaflets, produced jointly by the churches, wre at the back of church in by bundles, labelled road by road, and we were urged to take a couple of bundles and deliver them. I took a couple, and today was glad to have a good excuse to go out in the snow. Everyone was being friendly. I had brief snowball fights with every group of children I passed - sometimes it took a moment for them to realise that the missile that attacked them had come from the middle-aged lady in the green wellies, but they soon got the idea and swiftly retaliated. The sky had that pinkish glow that you opnly get on winter afternoons, and dusk was already falling as I got home shortly before 4pm. The only sad thing is that the carol service in our local church was cancelled - many of the roads really are impassable. But last night we sang carols at the local railway station, which was fun...after the main Rush Hour trains were over, we went to a local pub (ginger wine) and from there a final small group went on to the parish centre where we counted up the money and sat chatting...I enjoy these winter evenings and walking home through the frosted streets was rather lovely.

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