Monday, November 08, 2010

Have you heard...

the Mustard Seed communities? If you are thinking - and you should be! - of a charity to support this Christmas, this is one that has been specially recommended to me. Do look it up and give it your support.

In general - I'm not neccesarily just talking about this particular venture now - I have become v. conscious, over the past two or three years, that charity-giving is changing. In the future it's not going to be dominated by the big charities. Now, with the Internet and so on making the world shrink, links between nations are on a fresh scale. A young man or woman from a Catholic family in Britain gets involved - during a Gap Year or whatever - with some good project in India or Africa or the West Indies - and tells everyone at home about it, and they get interested and want to help. A small charity Trust can be established, and funds sent very easily - no need for anything very grand, and a smallish amount of money can go a very long way. A website, some fund-raising events, contacts with family and friends who want to help.

This also happens in Catholic parishes. Our local parish here in the London suburbs has forged a strong friendship with the people of L'Aquila in Italy, whose homes were destroyed by an earthquake. A couple from our local parish went there, got involved, and since then have done a magnificent job in taking lorry-loads of goods to assist them. The parish has raised thousands of pounds and been immensely generous. And the young people from L'Aquila have done exchange-visits with young people from our parish, to mutual benefit. Lots of good friendships, and fun, and so much can read all about it here, and that's another good venture for you to support this Christmas...

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robert said...

Hi this sounds great. It,s far better with small charities that the money goes to those in need and not fat cat salaries of people running the big charities. Having said that we should all give to help other,I always find it strange those with little always give more than those well off.
Christian Charities in our country do so much to help others.
What other reglions do the same !!!.